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We provide personal care, the best value products, and the highest service standards.

Professional and Reliable Cleanliness

With infectious diseases on everybody's minds and the legal problems that can come from acquiring them in a hospital, having a provider who does everything to ensure pathogen-free materials is necessary.

Dedication To Our Clients

The key to making it in the medical linen and uniform industry is customer satisfaction. That's why we'll stop for nothing to ensure yours. From always-quality materials to dedicated customer service, we're here for you always.

Industry-Leading Services

We're stocked and ready to supply your medical practice every linen and uniform service it needs. From our quality supply to the highly-trained service professionals on staff, Gown Services is built to take care of our customers.

Reusable Gowns are Less Expensive, Better for the Environment & In Stock

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Delivering on the Goods
Delivering on the Goods
Giving Quality
Giving Quality and Superior Products
Best Prices
Best Prices
Most Responsive
Most Responsive Customer Service
90 minutes
90 minutes or less delivery response time
Most Innovative
Most Innovative